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My personal background

Actually, it has always been like that for me: I was never really satisfied with the products that you could buy on the market neither with the windsurfing material from about 1980 nor with the kite material from about 1999 nor with the wings from about 2020. I always wanted to have lighter material and therefore I have shaped and tested already in 1982 my own windsurfing boards to significantly expand the range of use. After I have started kitesurfing in 1999 I invented the kiteboard called „The Door“ in summer 2002 to ride the local lake where it was not really possible to go kitesurfing with other kiteboards. At this time The Door was a revolutionary invention which did not remain a secret for a long time and resulted in numerous copies. My hobby quickly turned into a business. The logical decision to establish a label for kiteboards and kites in autumn 2002 with the Spleene brand was more than correct even from today's perspective.


My new challenge

In 2018 I had reached a point where I wanted to found a new brand with KAUPER XT in order to develop exactly THE kite and THE bar system which should primarily meet my own very personal requirements and not be oriented to the already known standards. I wanted to have as much fun as possible with one and the same system both in the wave on the directional and on the foilboard in ultra-light winds. My new kite and bar should be really light, or simple, and not heavy or complicated. Everything should feel especially playful, light and very controlled, rather than crude power. I had the same specifications for my Wing. To develop these really engineered products I spend many days on the water and worked together with a small but fine team. This includes well-known repair shops, but also sailmakers who are active in the America's Cup.

My strategy

My new products should be priced fair and are therefore only offered in pure direct marketing without detours. However I still do not want to run an anonymous online shop, because for me the personal contact and advice are more important. Instead I prefer an order by email or phone, because only then I have the opportunity to communicate directly with the kiteboarder and can personally advise him the best possible gear. Should I get the impression that my kite and my bar, or my wing actually do not really fit to this person and in my view he would better take another product I am definitely going to tell him. It is very important to me that the kiteboarder or wing-foiler has got fun and therefore is riding with the fitting equipment for him.

My new freedom

I really enjoy being independent again with the KAUPER XT brand, breaking new ground and no longer being bent by investors, so-called marketers or other influencers. The approach as well as the public relations including the website are determined and created exclusively by my wife Yasmin and myself. We want to avoid the usual marketing bla-bla as much as possible and instead try to explain the products of KAUPER XT better for whom they are suitable and for whom not. Also we will not commission any tests in magazines as well as paid online tests for the products of KAUPER XT. The same applies to expensive video or photo productions. Anyone who chooses my Maverick kite and my Pintxo bar has high expectations of himself and his gear. He knows exactly what he wants - getting his high-quality equipment for a fair price.

Rainer Kauper

Born: 1966 in Aachen/Germany

Sailing since 1974

Windsurfing since 1980

Shaper Windsurfboards since 1981

Kiteboarding since 1999

Shaper Kiteboards since 2000

Inventor of the Door shape in summer 2002

Founder of the kiteboarding brand Spleene in autumn 2002

Kite-Design since 2010

Wing-Design since 2020

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