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My name stands behind my products

In the product development period I test each product extensively in various conditions and with different riders to identify and fix possible design faults before production begins.

When choosing the materials and production methods I work with the utmost care and that's exactly what I am well known for in the watersport industry for many years.

What is covered

KAUPER XT warrants that the delivered goods are free of material defects and defects of title in the meaning of the definition of BGB § 434 ((German civil code) at the time of delivery or that they have the same quality as agreed with the customer.

What is NOT covered

- Any kind of wear.

- Any wear caused by starting and landing the kite, the bar, or the wing.

- Environmental damage - high temperatures (e.g., in hot cars), sun, UV radiation, moisture- sand- and wind damage.

- Damages caused by misuse, waves, hard falls, abuse, neglect, user error, foreign matter, overfilling or underfilling. Misuse is also the use in schools and rental.

- Damages due to assembly or setup errors.

- Unauthorized repairs or changes.

- Products that comes not from KAUPER XT but were used and resulted in failure.

- Products used outside intended use, including heavy loads / overloads.

Please note

If KAUPER XT determines that your product is covered by our warranty we will decide to replace repair or deliver parts for the defective product. In the event of replacement we may not be able to guarantee that the identical product will be present due to the availability of the warehouse. Spare parts are free, shipping costs are not covered.


The warranty is only valid for the first buyer (original buyer). It is not transferable.

The warranty will only be determined after reviewing and / or analyzing the photos that clearly identify the product defect.

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