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Hold its value

The prices for the products of KAUPER XT are kept intentionally fair. It is clear to us that a new brand is always confronted with the argument of value stability. This question has been around for as long as kitesurfing itself.


In principle the bill is quite simple: A 9m kite costs something around the 1400 - 1500 EUR at most competitors of the big and well-known brands. Even if you get a decent discount at your prefered shop you will have a hard time selling this kite after a year in use at a reasonable price thus keeping the value loss small. Realistically you hardly manage today to sell your used kite for more than 400 - 500 EUR. Therefore after one year of use a loss of value of mostly 500 - 600 EUR is existing.


If you calculate the same loss of value in the same period for a 9m kite from KAUPER XT you can offer this kite for only 99 - 199 EUR on the second hand market which of course nobody will do. As a result the loss of value of our kites will be smaller.


You decide what is important for you in kiteboarding.

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